sábado, 2 de junho de 2007

E agora?!

— Sabias que isto estava escrito em qualquer sítio?
One of the consequences of privileging Oedipus, as Freud did, is that the psychoanalyst then assumes that the patient's real genre is tragedy, and that is real project is knowledge or understanding. It is, though, part of the patient's predicament that he is trapped in a specific genre, that he is unable to move freely among the genres available; his farces, say, are all experienced as tragedies.*
— Sim, sabia. No mesmo sítio onde encontras isto:
With the Oedipus story as a foundation — Oedipus as a kind of early scientific hero —psychoanalysis could be the science of the forbidden, of the unacceptable; and the neurotic could be a failed scientist; with Freud´s rediscovery of Oedipus, in fact, a new version of the good life was being described. In Freud's view — and this is one of his fundamental models for life — the criminal must become a scientist. Crime doesn't pay, but knowledge does.*
— E agora…?
— Tem calma, que se arranja alguma maneira… tem calma.

*Adam Phillips, Terrors and Experts, 1995